Paralysis is a short point and click spooky game, where you experience a nightmare that may or may not end well for you.

*Dev Note*

    This is my first game ever! I recently learned Unity and this is the first thing I made to help learn the program. I love 2D games and plan to make more. This isn't much for a game but I learned a lot and loved playing with the art style.

Thank you so much for playing!

Made withUnity
Tags2D, Dark, Horror, Point & Click, Spooky

Development log


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so its pick a door the game.

Yup! As I said it was my first game and an assignment that had to be basic in order to learn the game engine.

For being the developer's first game, this was great! Just wish it was longer :O. 


Thank you! I'm considering working on another so maybe you'll see another in the future!

I'll keep an eye out! 

This was such a sweet short point and click game. I would love to see where you go from here. Paralysis is in the beginning of the video. I hope I found all of the endings.

Well done on your first attempt. It would be cool to build on this idea & move forward with some more narrative. These sorts of games are always quite creepy.

Thank you so much for playing! I have definitely been given a lot of feedback and after a few of my other projects I might come back to this concept!

I made a review of this game!! Love the graphics btw. The art of it is so beautiful!!

Omg thank you so much! I've been an artist longer than a game dev so I'm excited to push my gameplay further to aid the art!

I decided to play this amazing developer and artist's really cool first game! And was a blast! 

Omg ty! <3

Muy buena la forma de jugar, buen juego, enhorabuena

¡Gracias por jugar mi videojuego!

I really liked this! Would love to see a longer game out of this somehow.

Thank you!!! I've heard this feedback a lot about wishing it was longer and it's so motivating to know that people find this interesting enough to want to explore more! Ty for playing!

I like the concept and the art

Thank you!!

SKIP TO 1:23!!!


Thank you so much for playing!!! I love the let's play XD


i love how you have to choose the "right" key, and by right, you actually mean right!!

Thank you for playing! I know it was pretty on the nose haha

Super creepy game, you should expand on the ideas from this! Keep up the great work!


Thank you so much for playing!! I'm hoping after my current projects are done I can revisit this!

Interesting game. Very short , but pretty cool. I don't know if going to the dock bugged for me or it was intentional.


Hey thank you so much for playing! That is a bug for the dock and definitely not intentional haha. I haven't scene anyone else who played it experience that. Would you mind giving me your basic computer specs so I can test it? I'm so sorry it bugged out for you (it was a dead end anyway tho)


Really interesting game! The idea of sleep paralysis is super terrifying to me so I regret playing this right before bed lol

Thank you so much for playing! RIP your sleep


I really enjoyed that 😊. Although it's quite short I would love to see it developed further. Great job, Jenny. For your first game, it's a great idea and easy to play. 👍😎

Thank you so much!

I wish it was longer but thanks for the fun :D


Thank you so much for playing the game and the feedback! I hate jumpscares so I'm sorry you went through that stress for the bad ending! haha

Ima so scared that I turn on CG5 music

Fun game

Thank you so much for playing and for the feedback! This was definitely a short simple game with not much to it (it was a class assignment but sshhhhhh). I will definitely keep your feedback in mind! Great vid!

It's a fun game, but I wish it was longer and I missed a 'try again' button

Thank you so much for playing! Do you mean you think there should be a "try again?" button at the bad ending?

Yeah, a 'try again' button at the end, I mean, I also missed more aspects of sleep paralysis, like hearing voices, seeing monters, demons (whatever people call what they see), hallucinations, or even more things to explore in the dream itself with that 'key creature' doing something else than just make the player choose the key, like showing something or saing something, 'cause you see, I used to have sleep paralysis frequently, ofentenly after a pretty bad nigthmare (i'm not a native speaker and maybe my english is not that good).

No worries I understand what you mean! Just wanted to clarify where you meant : ). This was my first game so a pretty basic and short concept, but I agree and want to make another game still dealing with sleep paralysis, adding more horror and real aspects to it. Thanks so much for your feedback! 

Fun game, wished it was a bit longer. After getting the one keyhole, it would have been nice to have a 'Try Again' button to return back. But great graphics and sound effects!

Thank you so much for playing!!! I tried to emulate true paralysis with not being able to do anything with some of the bad endings, but thank you so much for all your feedback!

I actually loved the paralysis ending.  Not only were the sounds and visuals creepy as hell, but the slowly dawning realization I was unable to do anything but quit the game was very effective.

I'm also curious about the trident-looking symbol on the gate and the tree, but unless I missed something I couldn't figure it out.  Maybe just dream symbolism?

I'm greatly heartened by this effort.  I've been wanting to make games literally my whole life but have never felt like I had the ability to do so.  This project gives me hope that there are tools I can work with that might let me do my own thing.

Thanks for this, I hope you continue to make more like this.

Thank you so much for you comment! It really is daunting to start making games but this project propelled me into it and now I'm more passionate than ever to continue making more!